Grupo Venus Venus Group

Relationship agency based on Astrology

What is Venus Group ?

We are nonprofit astrologers with two main objectives:

  • To spread Astrology by providing free Personalised Astrological Reports.
  • To create a Non-profit-making Relationship Agency whose aim is to introduce people with similar interests, and who are Astrologically Compatible.
    We try to provide the service free of charge.
    Also free of charge we provide nine types of Astrological Reports.

    To join our Relationship Agency, please fill in the joining Form.

    To get your free Astrology Reports click here.

    How does it Work ?

  • After joining you will get your Compatibility List with details (e-mail) of your top 30 compatible persons.

  • This List will be updated ONCE ONLY for a week, with all new adds.
  • We recommend that you make your add with an e-mail for exclusive use on Venus Group because we shall send your e-mail to your top compatible persons.
  • You can meet persons from different countries by changing the residence city of your add.
  • Compatibility List of heterosexual people include ONLY heterosexual persons.
       Compatibility List of homosexually oriented people include ONLY homosexual persons.
  • Providing false data will result in immediate and permanent exclusion from our records.

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