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More Astrological Reports.
Venus Group provide completely Free of charge nine Astrological Reports Types (see below).
If you want to thank the free reports you recieved, or you would like to get your reports online, you have to make a Payment by credit card or Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! on a secure site.
When you make a Payment you get a TICKET NUMBER, then you can get your Complete Reports online.
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Types of Reports we provide:

Natal Reports

Vocacional Guidance
Indra Report
Merlin Report
Cayce Past Life
Karmic Past Life
Hidden Messages
Karmic Insight
The Adult Report
The Child Report


Transits Forecast
Solar Return
Lunar Return
Secondary Progressed
Compatibility Forecast
(Transits to the composite chart)

Compatibility between two persons

Lovers Compatibility
Friendship Compatibility
Composite Compatibility

You can get the reports signed with for free.

Details of each report.

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