Kryon reveals how the Coronavirus was created
and explains why it will end up changing the World for the Better and how it is “the tip of the iceberg for planetary change ... and a consciousness shift on the planet.”

Channelling by Kryon from, Iceland on March 13, 2020. Lee Carroll.

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of magnetic service.

The planet seems to be shutting down. I will address the virus today. I will give you things to think about. I want to give you some history. I want to tell you some things perhaps you didn’t expect to hear.

I wish to speak now about the times. This is surprising to many how this planet now is going through something that people didn’t expect. If you followed my work, you’ll remember that 2012 was a cycle. The end of one, the beginning of another. This is not Kryon information. This comes from the majority of the indigenous of the planet. For together there was a consensus in the cosmology of so many indigenous that the procession of the equinoxes, that which is 2012, is the beginning of a new cycle for Earth. That is why I am here to give the messages at all, to guide you through the changes. And what have we told you about the changes? We have said “dramatic”. We have said “watch for the Wild Cards”. Have you seen any? We’ve said that things will not say the same. And they don’t and they haven’t and they’re not. We’ll speak again in a moment of what is taking place on the planet right now, gripping so many in fear. But first there are those that had said “Wait a minute. Kryon you have talked about the influence of a consciousness that starts to evolve, an awakening consciousness that makes the planet a better place. How does this all fit in to what’s happening today? Hardly does it seem that it’s a better place at the moment.”

We have told you before, dear ones, that in this time of shift and change there’s going to be energy you’ve never seen before of revelation, that you will see things that were always there but now you will see them for the first time in all their ugliness and all their darkness and most of the things that you will see is low consciousness and things that were always there that have to now be taken away or exposed into the light. Some of you so aware, of a society, and now starts to see the things that they never ever thought would be exposed to the light in this way, things such as the “Me Too” movement, where many awaken and say “we knew that darkness was there but it happened to me” and others would say “and to me” and others would say “and to me”. And, for the first time, you realize that there is no fear over that which might happen to you because so many are seeing the same thing.

What is happening today is completely and totally the actions of men. Humans have created what is taking place. This is not something that Gaia is responsible for. What you’re seeing is revelation. Now, wait a moment while I give you some history that may not seem relevant. But I’m going to give it to you anyway and, when I’m done, there will be those who roll their eyes and shake their heads and say “I don’t think so, Kryon.” and I will say to them “Wait a little while.”

I told you early on that this planet was going to have revelations to start cleaning itself up with a higher consciousness humanity which starts to awaken with inventions and ideas that will create a better life for humanity. I told you long ago that the way you should make electricity on this planet is geothermal. All of the electricity – where you stand, where you sit, in this tour, in these days – is geothermal. Some have said “Well, that’s easy because it’s a volcano nation so of course they use geothermal.” And I said to you “Yes, but the entire planet, all they have to do is dig far enough and you’ll get the heat, you’ll make the steam.” And yet the planet chose instead to use the most expensive and dangerous steam engine in the world, called “nuclear”.

When a child first burns it’s hand, it never burns it again. There are engrams that etch onto that which is called synapse, which keeps that child from ever touching something hot again. You would think, would you not, that this would also apply to that which you call instinct from humanity, civilization to civilization, and then understand once they burn their hand they would not do it again. And yet that has not happened. For war has always been that which is a dysfunction which has solved nothing. And yet war has been with you over and over and over and over. We told you that 2012 starts an awakening of regular humans and regular leadership that starts to understand that that is dysfunction and that an evolved consciousness will not allow that to happen again.

I’ll talk about a hand-burning that occurred, a metaphor. 1986. It was called “Chernobyl”. And just briefly, dear ones, I give you this history because it’s repeating itself in another way right now, this hour, as you sit.

When the nuclear plant exploded at Chernobyl it was a shock. For nuclear plants are not supposed to explode. Indeed it was discovered later there was a flaw in the design, that this flaw was repeated over and over in other reactors in that land. None of them exploded but the flaw was there, ready to have a repeat performance of Chernobyl. Chernobyl was not covered with a shell because that which was the leadership and the government was an oppressive one, one that did things inexpensively, one that even was afraid of itself, always in denial and filled with fear. When it exploded, even those who were there denied the explosion. This was ingrained in this kind of government for half a century. “You don’t say what you see, you say what you’re told.” And so what took place next was a shock to all. Denial, denial. It took almost two hundred thousand people to clean up the mess and it’s not cleaned up – and won’t be – for more than four thousand years. The most dangerous steam engine in the world. Lives had to be lost before the government would acknowledge that which was obvious and correct the nuclear reactors that had the flaw. But still they’re not covered.

These are the things we wish to speak of that we told you are changing. We told you that now the elegance of magnetics would start to show itself in a way that should have showed itself a thousand years ago, that you can have very strong magnets that push and pull against one another to turn wheels, to make cam shafts go up and down, to make electricity forever without using any resource – not even the heat of the Earth – that they could be sealed up and crank for years and years and the only thing that would wear out would simply be the metal itself.

That that is the new magnetics of electricity, of engines. People would say “Well, when it that happening?” and we told you just recently it’s happening now.

This has also been repeated in 2011 in Japan, where they realized that no matter how “safe” they could make it, Gaia can make a difference. An earthquakes, a tsunami and this again was a reactor which has gone wild. The most dangerous thing you can do. Magnetics is going to replace these. It’s going to happen soon. It is starting now and this is the evolution that I spoke of.

I want to tell you about a quotation from the prime minister or President or whatever you wish to call the one in charge of the country that had Chernobyl – it was the Soviet Union. Gorbachev made a statement. He said that Chernobyl was the catalyst for the fall of the Soviet Union, because when the people saw the deceit, when they saw that which is the lies and the fear, collectively, it could not sustain itself anymore. It was out of the bag. It was seen by millions.

I would like to tell you something about the virus right now which is causing so much trouble, so much fear, so much worry. There are viruses in nature, bacteria in nature, that stays with nature. The trees would have it, the animals would have it, and they don't apply to humans. Humans have their own set of viruses and bacterias that you work with. As humans on the planet,you deal with.

Gut occasionally, occasionally, there'll be a cross over from the animals to the humans, or sometimes even the plants to the humans. But it only happens because of human action. It never happens naturally. The virus you have did not happen naturally!

In the 1800's, you had the Black Death: the plague. Traced back of course to the fleas that were on the rats. And the rats which were living with the humans in unsanitary conditions with humans placed back to back with other humans. Even before you knew about washing your hands and germs, you know what happened.

Today is not the plague; today it's the flu. But it has the same attributes of having been caused by human action. What I'm going to say next is controversial. I will say a phrase many times: the virus is not political. The virus does what it does naturally.

And if you want to see a story that is told, all you have to do, carefully, is to see where the virus goes and where it came from. You are told that the virus occurred by itself. It did not! The virus comes from a bat that was studied in the most high-end, high-class, virology laboratory in China – Wuhan. It was there. They acknowledge it was there. It's part of the study; it's the derivative of SARS.

That is where the virus came from dear ones, and yet you're told that it didn't . Somehow it magically appeared in the area – not from the laboratory. But what happened next is so similar to Chernobyl. It's a hand burn that you should see and know about. Those who were affected in the area were in a civilization that lives together five, six in a room, who doesn't practice the same kind of health issues that you do in, the same ways that you do. And of course they were infected immediately, and they started dying because they did not have the protection that so many of you do in your societies.

And what the government said is: you're not dying. Pay no attention to the bodies that you see on the street. That didn't last long. That area lost as many human beings tragically, sorrowfully, as the United States lost in 9/11. And the government denied it, and they were afraid to admit it. And they said, well it didn't come from here and they kept dying and dying. Finally there was no way that they could halt that which was known by the news, by others who reported it, and it got out. And even today, the scientists will tell you and the government's will tell you well it did not come from the laboratory.

Pretend you have a city with a giant smokestack. One day you wake up and there's smoke everywhere. And you are told well there may be smoke here, but of course it didn't come from the smokestack. And that is exactly what they're saying. It came from the lab accidentally. It was released for some of the same reasons that the government that sponsored Chernobyl had flaws. And this will be known, and this will be seen. And history will show it. And so what is taking place today, with all of the finger-pointing, has to do with human action, carelessness, deceit, and fear.

Dear ones, it will be contained! It will be solved. The hand burning, if you want to say that, of this planet will be remembered.

Oh, but there's more. Follow the virus. There is a secret I am NOT going to reveal for the secret is to be revealed by the whistleblowers, by those who will know things in the years to come or sooner. It will cause a revelation. And when it does, dear ones, there are perhaps two governments that may fall or change dramatically because their people will see finally the repression, the fear, the lack of openness, and start to change those things on Earth that you thought would never be changed because of this virus.

There is a big secret. A hint for you is this a virus is not political, a virus doesn't lie. If you follow the infection schedule, at the very beginning, you will find that besides China there was one other country far far away that immediately was infected with hundreds, even the top echelon. Go find it.

Is there a connection. Is there a follow the dots. A virus is not political. That there is something bigger even than you think that was brewing here. And when it is revealed and the secrets are known, the government's who are responsible may very well not survive

This is the tip of the iceberg for planetary change and it has nothing to do with health, but everything to do with consciousness shift on the planet. You will get through this dear ones, and it will be contained dear ones. And you'll remember it and you'll never want this to happen again. And when you find out how it truly happened, that's when things will change…

Go from this place wiser, changed and aware that this planet is starting to work in your favor: two steps forward one step back. You're in the step back right now.
It will get better!
And so it is.

You can hear the entire channelling in mp3 audio at
Kryon channelling Day One - Corona
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World-Wide Channelling Retreat (live streamed)
April 14, 2020

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